Miraj CSR

Our small contributions for growing india & green india.

For MDL, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just an add on; rather our business and social commitment are mutually reinforcing and neither will be sustainable without the other. We have a continuing social responsibility towards the people of the area in which we operate more so towards the less fortunate. It has been our constant endeavor to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives into active partnerships through synergized proactive handholding in areas of infrastructure, education, training, health and environment. We have made a public commitment to carry on these trusted relationship.

Making Our Presence on World Map

Lord Shiva Statue

World tallest (351 ft.) Lord Shiva Statue at Nathdwara

According to Mr. Madan Paliwal chairman of Miraj Group, every individual has one’s own belief and no example is bigger than one’s own. “Shiva is accepted by our own thoughts and belief; he is unborn and great so a thought came in mind to make a great statue of Shiva”.

“I am feeling happy to see the dream coming true, this 351ft. statue will be dedicated to the world; I am inspired to take this initiative because of love and trust I have received from the society, to whom I am always thankful”

Shiva Statue is being made by 'Miraj Group'. 85 percent of the statue made of cement and concrete is completed. It will use 3000 ton of steel. The weight of the statue will be 30 thousand tonnes. The height of the Pratima with the base will be of 351 feet. At the same time, the length of the trident will be 315 feet. The idol will have four elevators and three stairs. Through which tourists would be able to see the idol. Tourists will be able to reach an altitude of 280 feet.

This complex is developing in 15 Acers and have Art Gallery, Food Court, Landscape & Theme Park.

Dedication for Sports

Approx 50K public capacity cricket Stadium as per BCCI standards

Our chairman Shri Madan Paliwal is, himself a very good sportsman. He has taken a lot of steps to improve infrastructure in the region and to promote sporting talent. The Group has built a world class sporting complex cum stadium in Nathdwara. This stadium has floodlights and is fully equipped with modern amenities. This stadium has been instrumental in providing training to a number of aspiring cricketers and other sportsmen. Miraj Group is also promoting sports by sponsoring many sporting event in the region, may it be cricket, basketball, volleyball or athletics, Miraj has always come forward for this.

Cricket Stadium

Dedication for Native Place

Nathdwara Development

Developing our Native place is honer for us

In the thought & love for native place our CMD Mr. Madan Paliwal decided to buildup the city with new architecture.

1. World biggest Lord Shiva statue (351 Ft).

2. New Bus Stand in Nathdwara with a unique architecture in his own in Rajasthan.

3. 45 mtr high iconic gateway at Nathdwara

4. School in Nathdwara

Green India, Clean India


One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

We believe in the importance of public gardens to a community and individual quality of life, both in the short term and as legacies for the future.

Miraj Group is actively and effectively putting efforts towards this. Massive Tree plantations have been done during last 8 years

We approach gardens as unique human artifacts and sensory environments. With this view Miraj group has developed & regularly maintaining gardens at:- Udaipur (Chetak Circle, MB General Hospital Udaipur, Vatika at Gulab Bagh, RNT Medical College), Nathdwara (Tri netra circle gardan, SDM Office, Tehsil Gardan ).

Rajasthan is the land of deserts. Availability of water has always been a burning issue for Rajasthan. So where, question of water is important for mankind then availability of Water for animal during summer is becoming totally out of context.

Miraj group realized the same and constructed around 90 small water tanks for animals during drought in remote locations inside deep forests which were regularly replenished by water tankers and ensured regular maintenance of them.